SEO and SEM Checklist: Its The Simple Things That Count

SEO/SEM Tasks. Strategies & ChecklistArticle Marketing• Submit to major sites (examples)
1) Buzzle
2) Ezine
3) Suite 101
4) Idea Marketers
5) Go Articles
6) ArticlesBase• Add to hubs and wikis
• Social Bookmark (examples)
1) Folkd
2) Delicious
3) Digg
4) Stumble Upon
5) Reddit• Blog
• If good enough..add to site as contentPress Releases• Submit to major outlets
• Social Bookmark
• LocalBlog Posts• Write Post
• Participate in your niche. Network with forums, comments, etc
• Submit to blog directoriesAffiliates• Newsletters
• Directories
• Coupon Sites
• Contact bloggers
• New promotions and graphicsLink Building• Directories
• Find ads that pass seo value
• Contact sites
• Contact bloggers with giveaways, trials, and exclusive promotions
• Viral videos
• Local links and associations (yelp, yellow pages, chamber of commerce, etc)
• Charity or sponsorships
• Check and steal competitors links
• Always look for new potential links with search engine link searches
• Look for guest blogging and comment section opportunities
• Employee blogs, distributors, past donations, and current partners

Conversion Rate Optimization• 5 second test
• Focus groups and polls
• Variations of sites tested on adwords optimizerSocial Media• Facebook posts and ads
• Connect and update on networks like Linked In, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, etc
• Promotions
• Participate in relevant online forums
• Social bookmarkingAnalytics• Identify weak pages
• Traffic analysis for PPC and SEO
• Any site issues
• Conversion funnels
• Best selling productsPPC• Monitor and optimize
• Test: Try new ads, text, and landing pages weekly
• Test low bid strategies vs higher position strategies
• Use analytics to tweakSEO• Keep up with statistics (# links, PR, SERP Rank, Traffic, etc)
• Use analytics to alter and improve
• Check keyword trends
• Research new keywords
• Monitor competition
• Keep adding fresh content
• Update existing content to maximize its usefulness
• Local and mobile
• Read SEO blogs and attend conferencesBusiness Development• Stay on the lookout for new ideas, trends, and strategies
• Stay up on competitors prices and adjust accordingly
• Implement promotions
• Fix and improve site functionality
• Outside partnerships
• New products and new verticals
• International sites, content, and SEO
• Be on the lookout for new tech programs, outsourced services, & marketing deals

Content Management• Fix old and implement new content (faqs, descriptions, resources, etc)
• Look for new ways to update layout for best SEO and user experience
• Fix any broken links, products, or any other issues
• Keep site graphics fresh
• Copyrighting for various advertisements, marketing materials, etcThese are a few of the simplest, must do steps in order to market and optimize your retail website or blog. There are many other things you can do, but this will help get you started.